A Group of teenagers cleaned up Trowbridge Park on Sunday after being caught throwing paint around its pathways.

PCSO Matthew Till discovered the four girls and one boy, aged between 15 and 16, making the colourful mess, in front of the park’s bandstand, at around 3pm.

Wiltshire Police gave the teenagers the option of cleaning up the paint or be prosecuted. The group chose to wash away the paint which was on the path and the bandstand’s floor.

Sergeant Jim Suter, based at Trowbridge Police Station, said: “Sometimes prosecuting children isn’t always the right thing to do. It was a bit of silliness and them cleaning it up sends out more of a message and allows them to learn from the experience.

“I think they realised what they did wrong as they were very polite, respectful and very apologetic accepting that they got caught up in the moment.”

Trowbridge Town Council, who oversee maintenance in the park, has praised Wiltshire Police for showing a common sense approach to the problem.

Bill Austin, the town council’s head of direct services, said: “I feel that taking this immediate action deals with the problem in a prompt way and also saves public money being on the mess being cleaned up.”

Last July, the town council took control of Trowbridge Park from Wiltshire Council and to improve visibility for those walking through to St Stephens Place Leisure Park, at night, they’ve installed a new LED lights system as part of a £40,000 project.

A new group called Friends of Trowbridge Park is meeting at Trowbridge Civic Centre at 6.30pm on Wednesday, January 22 to discuss further improvements for the park.

Mr Austin said: “I think this group is going to be a huge positive for the park and we are keen for people to get involved.”

For more information about the meeting call the town council on 01225 765072.