The children at Wylye Valley School focused on Easter for their RE unit this term.

Over two days children had discussions within their class and in whole school worship about Easter.

Key Stage Two asked the question ‘what is good about Good Friday?’

They explored this in more detail with a range of activities and then made crosses which they laid out on the mound outside their class.

Key Sage One children got crafty and made Easter gardens and baskets.

Then they went orienteering around the school grounds following clues connected to the Easter Story.

Reverend Mary Garrard came in as Foundation Governor and spent time in each class and was very impressed with the depth of learning and the thoughtful responses of the children.

Head teacher Debi Downing said: “We did the Christmas unit in the same way and feedback from the staff and children was overwhelmingly positive way so we decided to repeat this again for Easter.

“It enables children to really focus on a key question and work together to come up with some ideas.”

Wylye Valley School ended the week with an Easter service at their local church and their annual egg rolling and egg decoration competition.

The time and effort that children spend in decorating their eggs is amazing only to roll them down a course created by the year 6 to see which travels the greatest distance.