WHILE most young West Country racers may prefer to likened to Jenson Button, six-year-old Westbury speedster Enzo Toms is happy to take the mantle of ‘mini-Vettel’.

Enzo, a member of Forest Edge Kart Club, which is based in Barton Stacey, near Andover, only began karting in June last year but has already been promoted to cadet-level racing, for over 8-13-year-olds, outdoors, in addition to competing in the bambino class (six-to-eight-year-olds) at South West Karting, in Somerset, indoors.

The youngster, a huge fan of four-time Formula One champion Sebastian Vettel, has also already managed to garner an international following through his Facebook page ‘Enzo CRG Racing’, which has reached more than 16,000 users as far afield as Australia, Japan and South Africa.

“A lot of people around here do talk about Jenson Button because he’s from the area (Frome) but Enzo’s our mini-Vettel – he almost races just like him and I think he’s watched too much of him on television,” said mum Katrina.

“He’s named Enzo after Enzo Ferrari. He does have some Italian on my husband’s (Lee) side of the family too.

“He’s just a natural racer. He’s quite hyper-active but when he’s on the start line, he’s already thinking where his points are to go around the turns.

“It doesn’t matter who’s in front of him. He’ll go past on the inside or the outside. He has a coach called Ryan Ellis, who takes a look at some of his videos and has said that he’s doing stuff already that some adults can’t even do.

“We started a Facebook page for him and we can’t believe how many different people were looking at it. Hopefully he can carry on getting even more fans.”

Enzo has recently gained sponsorship from manufacturer CRG as well as car products firm Powermax, and is due to receive a new 120cc kart.

He has also secured his license to race in events sanctioned by the MSA (Motor Sports Association), the UK organisation recognised by the FIA (Federation Internationale de L’Automobile, the world governing body.

Driving coach Ellis added: “For someone so long and considering he hasn’t been doing it for long, he is doing a fantastic job and is a talented young driver.

“He is already beating course marshalls and they are on the karts constantly.”

  • THE 2014 Castle Combe Karting Championship kicks off next Saturday (March 15).

The Championship is being run over six rounds, with the best five rounds to count and will be filmed, with the footage commentated on and uploaded to Youtube.

New for 2014 is a Master's Trophy – awarded to the highest placed Over 40s driver at the end of the championship – and a Best Sportsman Trophy, voted for by the marshals.

The 2014 champion will win free entry into the 2015 British Rental Kart Championship (BRKC). Entry to the championship costs £240, with drivers using Castle Combe’s own karts and helmets, suits and gloves provided.

No previous experience is needed and anyone aged 15 and over can take part.

Call the Castle Combe Karting Team on 01249 783 010 or for more information, email info@drivetechltd.co.uk or see castlecombekarting.co.uk.