JIM Escott, from Melksham, won the Trowbridge Seniors match fished at Pockeridge with 18 lb 4 oz of roach, rudd and perch.

Runner up was Peter Thomas, from Bristol, with 10 lb 4 oz of carp and roach, followed by Mick O’Neil, from Melksham, with 7 lb 12 oz of roach and rudd.

Other placings: 4. Ken Gingell Trowbridge 4 lb 8 oz; 5. John Blackmore laving ton 2 lb 8 oz; 6. Paul Brown Devizes 2 lb 4 oz.

IAN Willetts, from Bradford, carried off top prize in the Wilts Angling Evening match at Leech Pool with 127 lb of carp.

Tony Gilbert, from Melksham, was next with 109 lb of carp, followed by Nathaniel Johnson, from Melksham, with 102 lb.

Other placings: 4. Matt Skyrme Trowbridge 62 lb; 5. Tony Steel Trowbridge 33 lb; 6. Richard Brimble Westbury 32 lb.

LAST Saturday’s Blue Circle Open match was won by Pete Neate, from Holt, with 115 lb of carp.

Kevin Grant, from Trowbridge, was second with 112 lb , followed by James Barrell, from Melksham, with 63 lb 8 ozs.

Other placings: 4. Andy Western Westbury 46 lb; 5. Simon Davis Trowbridge 37 lb; 6. Dave Baker Trowbridge 34 lb.

SUNDAY’S Wilts Angling Open went to Dave Bancroft with 108 lb of carp, followed by Bradford’s Willetts with 98 lb and Melksham’s Johnson with 92 lb.

Other placings: 4. Roland Lucas Frome 89 lb 0 oz; 5. Pete Neate Holt 83 lb 0 oz; 6. Pete Witham Staverton 65 lb 0 oz.

Future events

Sunday May 25: Chippenham match at Pockeridge.

Tuesday May 27: Trowbridge Seniors match at Cheverell; Lavington Pensioners match at Cheverell.