If you haven’t heard of Owdyado Theatre, then make sure you look out for them in Seend this autumn.

Pronounced like an informal way of saying “how do you do”, this new Cornwall-based company made up of Daniel Richards (long-time Near-ta Theatre collaborater) and Charlotte Bister (who trained at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama) are making waves with their brand of contemporary theatre.

The company started in 2010. Their first show About A Bench came about from a lack of any budget –“we devised a piece that only needed one piece of set (a park bench) and wrote ten different stories using the bench as a theme. All the stories used a different theatrical style and this is probably where our love for playing around with forms came from” says Charlotte.

Their second show Wrongdoings and Wake Up Calls at the Stop-Off Motel (about two people who wake up in a motel room with no recollection of the night before) developed this further.

For their third show Owdyado are trying something different while retaining this love for plot twists and filmic influences. Above Bored is their first psychodrama and it tells the story of two office workers who are being questioned by the police about the recent murder of their boss.

On the surface they appear to be happy, diligent employees. However, in the midst of the claustrophobia of the interrogation room and the persistent questioning of two sharp-witted detectives, cracks in their façade begin to appear – cracks that hint at underlying disillusionment and resentment.

Above Bored is at Seend Community Centre on September 20 at 7.30pm. Tickets are £10 adults and £8 children and concessions from the box office on 01380 828617.

Full a full list of dates, visit www.owdyado.co.uk.