AS a local Wiltshire councillor, I have been campaigning for the upgrading of the A350 around Melksham and west Wiltshire for many years. 
Anyone that travels on the A350 from Chippenham down to the south coast will know the problems of the A350 aren’t just in and around the Melksham area, it affects local communities right along the route from north to south.
To get any kind of action for the upgrading of the second busiest road in Wiltshire after the M4 must be a joint effort. Can I make a plea to residents affected by the A350 that for the coming local elections, be it town, parish or county, they ask candidates to campaign for the upgrading of the A350. It’s vital that we lobby all local MPs as well.
I’ve been involved in this campaign for more than 30 years, and seen and heard so many promises broken. But I’m sure that if all the communities along the route come together we stand some chance at least to get the road upgraded.
It would be useful to hear any suggestions or stories that residents along the route may have, my email address is
Cllr Terry Chivers (Independent)
Eden Grove