IT IS absolutely ludicrous, that in our county town, with a population of over 30,000, residents are without adequate and sufficient care services in light of the minor injuries unit now being closed overnight in Trowbridge.
In light of last week’s awful tragedy, where a man who was brutally attacked passed away outside the hospital having found it to be closed, one has to wonder whether the outcome could have been different had the hospital been staffed and medically equipped. This is weighing heavily on my mind, hence writing this letter today. I would just like to express my sincere sympathy to all involved. An A&E department is needed locally in my opinion as well as the minor injuries unit.
The suggestion that those who are injured or ill during the night make their way to Bath Royal United is ridiculous, given the distance and the fact that not everyone has transport, thus leaving people in a potential vulnerable situation. To suggest calling for an ambulance is not all that sensible either given that the emergency services are often stretched, and response teams often come from outside the local area. We all know that Bath RUH is under increasing pressure, exacerbated by the closures and cutbacks of surrounding small town hospitals, staff shortages and great demand.
Surely it would be logical and indeed safer to reinstate the services of the minor injuries and A&E unit in Trowbridge. Let’s not forget that towns neighbouring Trowbridge are also without these services, therefore increasing the need and demand, and further increasing the potential risk and inconvenience to the public.
Maternity services are now under scrutiny locally as well, meaning less choice for women, and also the need to travel to Bath, not the easiest of locations to reach at peak hour traffic in any scenario, but mid delivery of a baby? Totally ridiculous. Why lose a much valued and widely used part of our local hospital?
I would like to know what our local MPs are doing in response to these cutbacks, although I know of course, this is a matter really that is dictated from the powers that be, our Government. It is appalling that in a country as affluent as ours, doctors, nurses, paramedics and the like are often totally taken for granted and inundated with mounting pressures and difficult working positions as services are either shelved or greatly compromised. They all, of course, do a sterling job in often very difficult circumstances.
The Government, at both local and national level, needs to prioritise its spending, and stop playing with people’s health and lives. It is a total disgrace.
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Donna-Michelle Hall
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