I WAS amazed to see in a leaflet from a Trowbridge Liberal candidate that said “It’s the Lib Dems or Conservatives for May 4.” Very strange that they should highlight the links between Conservatives and Liberals.
We saw what happened after the Liberal Democrats’ thirst for power gave them five years in coalition with the Tories. They created the austerity plan that is still hitting ordinary working people, those who can least afford pressure on their finances, whilst at the same time giving tax cuts cuts to the rich.
I am glad, in one way, that the Liberals are reminding people that they worked so closely with the Tories. But, without being too cynical, it does make one wonder if perhaps they are becoming a bit worried about the Labour Party. Worried is certainly what they should be as now the Labour Party has more members than all the other parties put together, and double the number of the second Party, the Tories.
Liberal Democrats also know that in previous elections they have sneaked in, as voters, due to the absence of a Labour candidate, have voted Liberal Democrat just to keep the Tories out.
This election is very different. Labour is fielding strong candidates in all wards of Trowbridge, Warminster and Westbury. So, for once, we will have a real election where people have a real choice. Do they want the austerity creating Tories/Liberals or do they want a Labour party that has always been opposed to austerity and tax cuts for millionaires?
The Liberal Democrats should hang their heads in shame, particularly as a Party that has always pleaded for fairer elections. Ganging up with the Tories as a choice against Labour is a big mistake. This time it really is a fair election and people will have a real choice; not just a choice between Tory and Liberal. They won’t need to put a cross by a Liberal Democrat as a second choice.
Liz Gifford
Labour Candidate for Grove Ward, Unitary and Town Councils
Innox Mill Close