THE internet service at Westbury library has become an absolute joke and the technical team continually show a “couldn’t care less” attitude. There is no point complaining about the ongoing problems, they have no intention of getting the system fixed.
According to a councillor I spoke to there are major changes being made to the library (an extension, conference facilities and living accommodation on top floors). He also said that this would be happening in the next six months, a year’s time or maybe 18 months. Maybe I`ll pay my council tax or maybe I won’t – I guarantee that the council won`t allow me to get away with that.
The librarians in Westbury deserve a medal for what they are expected to cope with, the staff computers also regularly crash and the photocopier only accepts certain coins. What is needed is for the technical team to come and see what Westbury library users are being expected to put up with - that won’t happen of course, it will mean them doing their job for once.
The council motto claims “where everybody matters,” I wonder what planet they mean. We are being expected to pay enough council tax, it`s about time we started getting something back.
Ms Stroud
The Mews