LOOKING at President Trump, I see an enigma. We have a man of 70 who was in business, has made his pile and is not a politician, who has made some interesting disturbing statements:
1. He is not afraid to use nuclear weapons;
2. He wishes to erect a wall across his country, facing Mexico;
3. He attempts to stop immigration from various countries;
4. He would stop medical care to a degree for the poor and needy;
5. He is said to have some mysterious agreement and friendship with President Putin of Russia.
Looking at the forgoing, what have we? I do not think we can reach any conclusions. It looks like someone who did everything to become president without presenting any firm policies, just ideas. 
Does President Trump know where he is going? The leader of the strongest country in the world, and our close ally, must present a clear agenda, hopefully acceptable, and stick to it, then we can all relax.
G F White
Coppice Hill
Bradford on Avon