MAY I take this opportunity to thank, first, the Forest Community Centre committee and secondly the Rotarians, ASDA/RVS, Wiltshire Council Area Board, Lottery Fund, Melksham’s Councils, Almshouse Fund, not forgetting the many other individuals who have given generous financial support to the Melksham Shed group over the past year in particular.
In early March we received two former fridge container units which are now at the Forest Community Centre and will over the next few months be transformed into the home of the Melksham Shed.
The work involved has been very exciting and has clearly given the vision to other parts of West Wiltshire, by the apparent growth of such similar enterprises – Brunel Shed, Corsham, Westbury Shed, Trowbridge Shed, Devizes Shed, Chippenham Shed and Calne Shed (in the planning).
In due course we shall have a grand opening, but in the meantime we welcome any interested person to come and join us on a Shed day – Monday or Wednesday morning. 
We are also interested to know if an afternoon would be more beneficial to some people. Do let us know.
We hope to see any potential members at the Community Day, in the Assembly Hall, on April 22 where current members will be able to extol the virtues of The Shed Club.
Chris Pickett
Melksham Shed