I AM intrigued by the claim on your front page that the Wiltshire Times is read by 64,479 readers in print and online every week.
This is such a precise number and I would like to know how you know how many readers you have. You obviously know how many copies you print and circulate but each copy bought may be read by one or several different people. I buy the newspaper and my copy is read by two other people. How do you track visitors to your website if there is no login with a password?
Again on your recruitment page you claim that 33 per cent of your readers have considered or applied to a job advert in the last month. That’s more than 20,000 people. You can only know of those who have applied by following up with the advertisers which I am sure you don’t do and how on earth do you know how many readers have considered applying for a job?
I feel sure the figures and percentages you quote are there to attract advertising revenue but wouldn’t it be clearer if you published audited circulation figures?
Having said all of this I enjoy reading the Wiltshire Times.
J Wright
Orchard Way
North Bradley

We can calculate our total number of readers by adding together audited newspaper sales figures, which is regulated by ABC and is a national standard, and the number of unique visitors to our website, which are recorded automatically by our digital administrators. We know how many of our readers typically apply for jobs by using market research. I hope this helps. Gary Lawrence, editor