Two children from Winsley spent five days living on just £1 each in an effort to raise money for a charity in Kenya.

Harmony, 10, and Elvis Jai Closs, 12, of Dane Rise, drew up an eating plan to budget for every meal and have so far raised £344 for the Riziki Children’s Organisation, in Kenya.

They hope that figure will eventually rise to £500.

Elvis Jai, who attends St Lawrence School, Bradford on Avon, said: “It was a tough week; one that I wouldn’t want to repeat. I was really hungry.”

Their mother, Jane Alexander-Closs, said: “I tried to talk them out of it, because I knew how hard it would be, but they were adamant.

“On one occasion I had to stop my son raiding the food cupboards, but I am really proud of them.”

Harmony, who goes to Winsley Primary School, said: “I hope the money we raise will give these children a better life.”

They survived mostly on carbohydrates, and carrots, costing 5p each, made an appearance in most meals. They had to forgo their usual snacks and packed lunches and took packet pasta with sauce to school for lunch.

“It’s good, because they now know the value of food and realise that even people in this country are living below the poverty line,” said Mrs Alexander-Closs.

They kept friends and relatives updated on their blog and were mentioned in school newsletters.

Riziki Children’s Organisation aims to rescue parentless children from living in poverty and create and sustain a safe life for them.

Money is being raised because the charity needs a new water pump to maintain vegetables and remain self-sufficient.

To donate, go to Elvis Jai and Harmony’s internet page at