Buying food produced within 35 miles of Bradford on Avon is about to get easier for retailers and their customers.

A trade show, called A Local Larder, in March will aim to make it easier for outlets to offer local food and drink by bringing together farmers, growers, and processors working near the town.

It will be open to buyers from the hospitality sectors, produce wholesalers and retailers interested in meeting the people who grow, rear and process the products on offer.

Event manager Sue Tho-mson said: “Increasingly, people care about where their food comes from and research shows customers want to be able to trust marketing messages.

“If something is said to be ‘local’, being able to say which farm, field or processing kitchen it comes from has to be reassuring.”

The event is modelled on one attended by Ros Edwards, of Climate Friendly Bradford on Avon’s Sustainable Food and Drink Group (SFDG), in Seend last year.

The group has already developed an online Local Food Map in conjunction with A Local Life magazine, to help customers.

Mrs Edwards said: “The trade show is the next step and aims to make it easier for outlets such as hotels, restaurants and shops to offer local, food and drink with a known and traceable provenance.”

A Local Larder, being held on March 18, will be at Leigh Park Hotel.

Anyone interested in attending should register via the A Local Larder page at, email or call on 07791 798423.