Concerned parents and teachers from St George’s School have handed a petition asking for a zebra crossing outside the school to Warminster Town Council.

The petition, which was signed by more than 200 people, calls for a zebra crossing outside the school in Woodcock Road. It was started by Rachael Cox, whose son Joshua, nine, attends the school.

Mrs Cox told the council that the situation was increasingly dangerous, with parents struggling to cross the road with their children.

She added that she had witnessed several near-misses along the busy stretch of road, with drivers rarely stopping to allow children to cross and often exceeding the speed limit.

Mrs Cox, who also has three older children at Kingdown School, said: “It’s always been difficult crossing the road and you feel like you are dicing with death, as cars show no consideration and rarely slow down.

“It reached a point where I thought someone is going to be killed, so I thought I would do something to get the ball rolling and allow children to cross safely.

Headteacher at St George’s School Louise Croker spoke in support of the petition at the council’s town development meeting on Monday.

Councillors agreed that something needs to be done and will meet Mrs Croker and the council clerk to discuss what action to take.