Determined to make a difference after being shocked by conditions in a Kenyan orphange, 14-year-old Annie Robins has made it her quest to help the children as much as she can ever since.

The John of Gaunt pupil visited Kenya over Christmas 2011 and witnessed the difference in the quality of life between her family and that of the Cannan Orphanage near Mombasa, which they were visiting.

She said: “We were on holiday and mum said it would be good to see how other kids live. It really affected me to see how they lived. They don’t have showers, electricity, fridges or beds.

“They were not a sponsored orphanage and desperately needed help. The building was surrounded by mud, it was very dark inside and the smell was awful. I cried straightaway.”

Upon her return to England Annie, of Clarendon Avenue, Trowbridge, set to work. She made Cannan Orphanage the chosen charity of the week at John of Gaunt and through various fundraising activities she made £500. Another £500 was raised by having an afternoon tea.

BCH Camping in Trowbridge heard about her money-raising efforts and donated 15 sleeping bags to the orphanage.

Her mother’s boss at Canburg in Devizes was also impressed with Annie’s efforts and gave her a donation enabling her to pay several months’ rent for the orphanage, food and medical supplies.

After a break from fundraising to concentrate on school Annie returned to the orphanage for Christmas last month. Despite seeing improvements, she wants to raise more money and is organising a summer ball with friends.

She said: “It was nice to see the sleeping bags being used. Now I want them to have showers and toilets.”

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