New English woodland on a 145-acre site came a step closer with a volunteer tree planting day at Thoulstone Park on Sunday.

The owners of Thoulstone Park, James and Alka Hughes-Hallett, recently completed planting more than 26,000 mixed English deciduous trees across 51 acres of land.

A special tree planting event was planned for the weekend to give the local people a chance to be involved in the project.

It was only able to take place on Sunday because of the strong wind which swept through the county on Friday and into Saturday.

The project was carried out in with The Woodland Trust and The Forestry Com- mission and the volunteers who came along helped put the finishing touches to the woodland.

Mr and Mrs Hughes-Hallett are aiming to eventually create an eco-sustainable community focusing on tourism and leisure.

The woodland is the first phase of their programme.

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