Six male team members from the Wilko store in Castle Place shopping centre, Trowbridge, recently went through a world of pain having their legs waxed for charity in store.

It was all worth it, though, as the lads raised £346 in their final fundraiser for the store’s regional charity of the year, Wiltshire Air Ambulance.

Customers crowded round as store managers Keith Rooms and James Gray, service centre general manager Simon Cartledge, assistant till supervisor Dan Evans, customer service advisor Dan Fitchen and security guard Junior Cole had their limbs waxed by volunteers from local beauty salon, Voltz and Million Beauty.

The event was organised by Dan Evans, who’d had his legs waxed for charity before. Other members of the team, however, were not so prepared. In particular, Dan Fitchen let out a few squeals and pulled some amusing faces when it was his turn.

Security guard Junior, thought he was getting off easy when he elected to have his arms waxed instead of his legs, as he thought it would be less painful. However, he still had quite an uncomfortable time in the waxing chair.

In total, the team at the Trowbridge store have raised more than £5,800 throughout their year supporting the air ambulance.

Cheryl Johnson, head of fundraising and development at the charity, said: “We’re so grateful to the Wilko lads for going through a hair removal ordeal to raise funds for our charity.”