Parts of Melksham were plagued with intermittent power cuts throughout the Bank Holiday Weekend, as a network fault played havoc with the power supply.

Homes on and around Speedwell Close, Hawthorn Road and Lavender Close were all affected by the temporary outages, as well as some houses in Seend.

The power cuts, which only lasted a few minutes, were caused by the network’s safety features ‘auto re-closing’ after being triggered by a potential fault.

A spokesman for Scottish and Southern Electricity said: “We had an intermittent fault on the overhead network, where there has been auto re-closing.

“Power went out at 10.48am on Saturday for a minute or two, and again at 8.55pm.

“There was nothing on the Sunday, then on Monday we had another event at 7.07pm.

“We went out and did a line survey. We haven’t been able to find any fault, but hopefully it has been resolved now.

“It may have been a branch that was been hitting the line, or a piece of debris hanging on the line.”