At Abbeyfield School, Chippenham, Year 11 pupils achieved:

62 per cent A* to C grades;

60 per cent A*-C including English and maths;

40 per cent of all entries were graded A*-B;

100 per cent of pupils entered for GCSE art and design & IT BTEC got A*-C;

80 per cent of pupils got A*-C maths and 65 per cent of pupils got A*-C English

Headteacher David Nicholson, who leaves Abbeyfield School after eight years, said: “It is a good way to end the years I’ve worked here.

"I’m particularly pleased for those who have got A* to B because that means they can now enter sixth form.

“This is a great platform for Ian Tucker, my successor. It gives him something to do as well as starting on a positive footing with a solid foundation.

“It’s always nice to pass on the baton to someone who you feel can take the school forward.

“IT has always been a strength, and we have been consistently high for maths.

“It’s new for us to do so well in art, but we expected it because the moderator was impressed with our exhibition and was very flattering.

“This year’s [year 11] came in from primary school with a lower ability so they have made more progress than last year’s group. We are very pleased.”