A keen young Trowbridge gardener has grown a sunflower measuring almost 12ft tall, after planting the seeds with his dad at the start of May.

Joshua Benford, four, who lives in Barn Glebe, Trowbridge, planted the seeds with his father Stewart Benford.

Mr Benford said his son started to become interested in gardening last summer and has been looking after the sunflowers ever since planting the seeds, watering the plants every day.

He added: “It all started as a bit of fun when we planted them at the beginning of May, but one of them is now almost 12ft tall and it is still growing. It will be fascinating to see how high they will grow.

“Joshua became interested in gardening the summer before and he now has his own little watering can.

“He likes going out and watering the plants with me and as soon as I get home from work that is first thing he asks about.