The French economy in the doldrums is bad news for us but also a useful object lesson in how to mismanage things.

That it had precipitated a fall in the French government is no great surprise but a mark of Francois Hollande’s desperation is his appointment of market realists to replace the socialists who were wrecking his country’s exchequer.

The French problem is that of Brussels – a failure to understand the need to deregulate and liberalise markets in the face of severe and mounting international competition.

The Juncker circus continues affirming David Cameron’s wisdom in opposing his appointment. Now this Brussels bureaucrat is telling our government who it may or may not send as Commissioner.

Does he not understand that every piece of dictatorial silliness like this takes the British people a step further towards Brexit?

That would punch a mighty big hole in his beloved EU, and some would say a fatal one.

Crikey what an absolute pantomime the second Scottish independence debate was!

Had I been a wavering voter, I’d have been left none the wiser by such a performance.

As a non-waving non-voter I conclude that Mr Salmond is asking the Scottish people to join him in a leap of faith based on his assurance he’ll bamboozle the residual UK into sharing the pound on half-way decent terms and that the oil will continue to flow obligingly.

On the basis of Monday’s tub-thumping peroration I'd be saying no thanks.

Rotherham’s a long way from Wiltshire, but the abuse scandal unfolding there will doubtless yield valuable learning points for all those entrusted with safeguarding children.