Dilton Marsh Flower and Handicraft Show on August 16 was a roaring success with record entries.

Crowds viewed the exhibits and took part in the popular auction of produce overseen by chairman Christopher Good. The winners in no particular order were: Helen Jones, Robert Bishop, Sue Hill, Sheila Stanley, Alison Irving, Sam Lenders, Pam Good, Anthea Blewett, Liz Lee, Pam Jones, Roger Birstingl, Elspeth Lenders, Priscilla Gray, Trina Murphy, Hilary Fairfield, Sonja Harris, Eunice Stride, Gill Addison, Janet Brown, Penny Birstingl, Chris Good, Maureen Flynn, Martin and Margaret Wakelin, Rosie Fitzsimons, Pat Nowell, Bob Lee, Ruth Seelig, Paula Carr, Sally Eposita, Pauline Loader, Brian Fitzsimon, Martin Honor, Sara Honor, Lynn Lewin, Norma Hutton.

The John Irving Cup for the most points in fruit and vegetable classes was awarded to Janet Brown who also won the Amateur Gardening Club Cup for most points overall.

The Meade Nursery Cup was awarded to Eunice Stride for the most points in the flower and floral art classes. The Joan Bracken Cup for the most points in the cookery classes was won by Maureen Flynn. The Iris Hares Cup was awarded to Sheila Stanley for the most points in handicrafts and photography.

The WI Challenge Plate for the best group entry was won by Dilton Marsh WI. Dilton Marsh History Society had held a mini potato growing competition – a small potato was given to competitors to see how heavy a crop could be grown from it. Janet Brown won it and her prize was presented in her absence to Mr Brown by Alison Irving.