Wiltshire Times reader Milroy Boucher has offered us a fascinating glimpse into the early days of motoring in the 1920s and 1930s courtesy of these delightful family photographs.

Mr Boucher was born in Rode Common, South-wick, (Hoopers Pool) on February 16, 1930, but moved to Swindon in 1932 with his parents.

He has lived in Gloucester since 1970, but in May he enjoyed a lovely week with his cousin at Studley Green. He said it was “like coming home!”

The charabanc photos Mr Boucher has provided were taken in the 1920s. They show his father and mother (Gladys nee Harvey) who were in the Southwick Parish Church choir and went on outings.

They are sitting in the front seats on all three photos.

In the top photo, taken in 1923, his mother is sitting between his dad and the choirmaster Mr Ives (who is next to the driver).

The family group are his father’s family. Left to right are Victor, Reuben Boucher (his grandfather), Mildred, Ralph, Leslie, Winifred, Gertrude (grandmother, seated) and Arthur, his father. All have passed away now.

The photo below, taken at the front of 100 Mortimer Street (now demolished), is of Mr Boucher’s grandfather Reuben and grandmother Gertrude. She was a music teacher and Reuben a baker.