Residents in a Bradford on Avon development are concerned that if a wall washed away in the Christmas floods is not repaired soon, further damage could be done if the waters rise again.

The wall at the base of flats in Kingston Mills collapsed on Christmas Eve because of the water that flooded the centre of town.

Anthony Taylor moved into the development with his wife in June last year and lives next to the flats whose wall has still not been fixed.

He watched the dramatic scenes unfold in December. He said: “The river was at its peak. The force of the water took away the wall and we saw it collapse.

“It was very high and fast-flowing. The peak was eight bricks or so from the top of the wall. We were happy it didn’t flood.”

Eight months on and the wall remains stripped of its bricks, which are lying next to the river.

Mr Taylor said: “It looks awful. We thought it would be repaired very quickly. It has taken too long.”

Linden Homes’s Kingston Mills is a mixture of 171 houses and apartments, shops, cafes and offices.

Stash Huchrak moved into the development with his wife in August 2013 and said: “They (Linden Homes) have had since last year to do this. Work should have started a long time ago. It looks a mess.

Clive Wiltshire, managing director of Linden Homes Western, said: “Linden Homes’ managing agents at Kingston Mills are co-ordinating the repair of the retaining wall abutting the River Avon and are in the process of appointing contractors to carry out the work.”