Organisers of the Corsley Show are delighted with the event’s success, despite a wet start.

New show president Lady Silvy McQuiston presented the trophies in the horticulture tent.

“We had around 850 entries, with a wonderful floral art display and a magnificent array of vegetables from the National Vegetable Society,” said horticulture chairman Fraser Mills.

“We are very grateful to our sponsors. We would like to thank everyone who came along,” added show chairman, Hedley Hares, who also thanked all those who had worked hard putting the show together.

A new feature this year was the armoured vehicles and weaponry brought along by the Yorkshire Regiment 1st Battalion (Armoured Infantry) who are based in Warminster.

“The Army’s stand was a big attraction with kids having their faces camouflaged and able to climb into the vehicles,” said Mr Hares.

The Dog Show was more popular than ever this year.

“I think it was a record-breaking turnout,” said dog show chairman Wendy Miller.

“The standard was very high and the Have-A-Go Rally-O attracted lots of youngsters.”

Local MP Dr Andrew Murrison presented the Horticulture & Crafts trophies to worthy winners at the end of the day.

Three Minions and their master, Gru, from the film Despicable Me, helped to start off the day’s entertainment, encouraging children to take part in sports.

Although the rain was falling, there were plenty of contestants competing for cash prizes. One Minion competed in a sack race but ignored the rule about no running so had to be disqualified.

The grand finale, after over a dozen little athletes took part in the toddler race, was a tug-of-war, featuring the three Roll Dash & Bash teams from Corsley, Warminster and Frome and a mass tug – grown-ups versus children.

Children’s Sports winners were (1,2,3).

Sprint: five-seven: Minty Wakelin, Corsley, Jack Strong, Corsley, Sam Jones, Warminster.

Sprint: five-seven: Maizey Jack, Banbury, Elizabeth Bayman, Jersey, Alice Norman, Leominster.

Boys Sprint: eight-10: Marley Evans, Chapmanslade, George Ritchie, Chapmanslade, Lewis Cripps, Longbridge Deverill.

Girls Sprint: eight-10: Phoebe Ritchie, Freshford, Silas Jack, Banbury, Molly Savva, Warminster.

Sprint 11-13: Gemma Humphreys, Chapmanslade, Alex Knight, Chapmanslade, Henry Foster, Chapmanslade.

Egg & Spoon five-seven: Minty Wakelin, Maizey Jack, Jack Strong .

Egg & Spoon five-seven: Elizabeth Bayman, Alice Norman, Lily Golay, Warminster.

Egg & Spoon eight-10: George Ritchie, Molly Savva, Silas Jack.

Egg & Spoon eight-10: Phoebe Ritchie, Harrison Mears, Hayling Island, Marley Evans.

Egg & Spoon 11-13: Josh Hardiman, Seend Cleeve, Gemma Humphreys, Tia Fear, Bratton.

Egg & Spoon 11-13: May Evans, Chapmanslade, Alex Knight, Henry Foster.

Girls Sack five-seven: Joint 1 Minty Wakelin, Maizey Jack, Elizabeth Bayman.

Girls Sack eight-10: Phoebe Ritchie, Libby Stewart, Warminster, Molly Savva.

Boys Sack eight -10: George Ritchie, Marley Evans, Samuel North, Westbury. Boys Sack eight-10: Disqualified Minion, Silas Jack, joint 3 Freddie Norman.

Boys Sack 11-13: Henry Foster, Josh Hardiman, Alex Knight.

Girls Sack 11-13: Gemma Humphreys, May Evans, Rosie Wakelin.

Three-legged five-seven: Minty Wakelin and Maizy Jack, Alice Norman + Mum, Elizabeth Bayman and Jack Strong.

Three-legged eight-10: Molly Savva and Silas Jack, Pilton White, Corsley and Oliver Knight, Chapmanslade, Marley Evans and Samuel North.

Three-legged eight – 10: George and Phoebe Ritchie, Harrison and Kathleen Mears, Libby Stewart and Maizey Jack.

Three-legged 11-13: Henry Foster and Alex Knight, Gemma Humphreys and Sarah Paul, Corsley, Jakob and Jude Seviour, Corsley.

Three-legged 11-13: May Evans and Josh Hardiman, Rosie Wakelin and Tia Fear, Minion & Gru.

Girls Obstacle five-seven: Minty Wakelin, Elizabeth Bayman, Maisey Jack.

Boys Obstacle five-seven: Oak Slaney, Bedfordshire, Jack Strong, Ethan Page, Warminster.

Obstacle eight-10: Oliver Knight, Chapmanslade, Pilton White, Marley Evans.

Obstacle eight -10: George Ritchie, Harrison Mears, Molly Savva.

Leap Frog 11-13: Tia Fear and Rosie Wakelin, joint 2 Josh Hardiman and Minty Seviour, Jude and Jakob Seviour.