Police discovered 160 cannabis plants in a flat in Trowbridge on Monday following a report of a theft in Westbury Leigh.

Officers were carrying out inquiries about the theft of a coin collection worth more £80,000 that occurred between last Wednesday and Thursday when they stumbled across the cannabis farm in Roundstone Street.

As well as the cannabis plants, police found support equipment including lighting, venting and thermometers, while the electric supply was unmetered.

DC Nick Holt, from Salisbury CID, said: “In the process of searching the address we came across the cannabis farm, which was using unmetered electricity that bypassed the building’s meter.

“It appeared to be a commercial cannabis production. They were not doing it for personal use, they were going to sell it.

“We got lucky as we intercepted it before they have made any money from it.”

Investigations are still ongoing and police are asking anyone with information to contact 101 or ring the Crimestoppers line 0800 555 111.