A WOMAN from Trowbridge was shocked to discover that her supposedly vegetarian snack that she had bought from a Warminster supermarket contained meat after being incorrectly packaged.

Tiffany O’Reilly, 51, and Philip Radestock, 57, of Studley Rise, Trowbridge, visited the Warminster Morrisons in Weymouth Street on Thursday (January 19) to do some grocery shopping. When the couple returned home they tucked into a pack of what they thought were Morrisons’ cheese and onion rolls - but to the horror of Miss O’Reilly, who describes herself as a demi-lacto vegan who eats dairy products, the rolls turned out to contain pork sausage meat.

Miss O'Reilly said: "I felt physically sick when I realised. It is totally unacceptable that this would happen. For 30 years I have been very careful about what I eat because it used to be so difficult to find food when you went out that did cater to my diet, nowadays when you buy something you expect it to be what it says.

"In our house we keep the meat and my food separated, we even use different chopping boards to prepare our food. The last time I remember eating meat is when I was pregnant with my son, since then I haven't eaten any, my body just rejects it."

Miss O'Reilly said the response from Morrisons, which referred to the mistake as an 'incident', was not good enough, adding that she expected more from the company.

Mr Radestock said: “My partner hasn’t eaten meat for 30 years, when it turned out to have pork in she was very sick and started suffering from major stomach cramps. I contacted the Food Standards Agency and said that it was lucky it wasn’t a nut allergy or something similar. It just raises the question- when is a label not a label? We have the packaging still and it clearly says cheese and onion, so when do you stop believing in what the label says?

“We were considering to start shopping at Morrisons in Warminster instead of Tesco in Trowbridge but now I don’t think we will be returning.”

In a statement from Morrisons, the company apologised for the error and emphasised that stopping mistakes like this happening are important to the supermarket chain.

A spokesman said: “At Morrisons, we are very aware that for various reasons our customers may wish to avoid certain foods for personal beliefs, and therefore we take the correct labelling of these very seriously indeed. We were very sorry to learn that the customer was sold an incorrectly labelled product, and have offered our sincerest apologies. We will ensure extra vigilance with regard to the correct labelling of these products, and will closely monitor it to make sure it doesn’t happen again.”