ORGANISERS of the Bradford on Avon Flower Show are to hand out leatherette book marks to the prizewinners in future years.

Usually, the committee presents coloured cardboard certificates for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and highly commended prizewinners in the annual show.

The leatherette bookmarks are expected to last for four years and the committee feels they will be something that the winners will appreciate.

Town clerk Sandra Bartlett said the change has been made because they are finding it difficult to do all the writing on the certificates between judging and in time for the show opening in the afternoon.

Members of the town’s community and recreation committee agreed to award the flower show organisers a £614 + VAT (£736.80) grant to buy 1,200 bookmarks for each category.

This year’s Flower Show will be held on Sunday, 10 September and the event is sure to result in some keen but friendly competition.

This year, there are a massive 101 classes to enter – the most ever listed. New categories include ‘Gluten-free chocolate cake’, a vegetable that most resembles the town’s Mayor, Cllr David Garwood, and the largest sunflower head.

One of the competitions includes the Great Bradford on Avon Plug Plant Challenge, with plants being supplied by the Avonfield Garden Centre at Hilperton.

The full schedule of classes is now available to view online on the Bradford on Avon Town Council website