A TEENAGER from Trowbridge has had his locks shaved off to raise awareness and funds for a mental health charity.

As part of the National Citizen Service, Ethian Cronin, 17, was tasked with raising funds for a charity and he and his friends chose a cause close to home with Wiltshire charity Headlight.

After raising more than £300 from a bag pack at Sainsbury's, the former Lackham College student volunteered to get his head shaved to raise awareness about the cause.

And on Thursday, that is exactly what he did, thanks to Nigel Evans at Nigel's Hair Design.

"I am quite happy with the final product. I want to raise awareness about this really great charity and I thought this was a good way of going about that," he said.

"My head is a little bit colder but it is the summer so it is not too bad. I have loved my time at NCS, doing all the activities and meeting a lot of great people.

"I think all of us know someone who is battling mental health issues so we chose Headlight as it is a good local cause."

Fellow NCS teammate Warren Roberts, 20, from Trowbridge, added: "I think it is a good thing what Ethian has done, raising awareness for a good cause. He has the guts to shave it off and I think it suits him. He looks like Lex Luthor."