A PUPIL from St Augustine’s spent 13 hours in a cardboard box to raise funds for Alzheimer’s Support.

Following an inspirational talk from former pupil Danny Talbot and his mum Claire Eacott beginning work at the charity, 13-year-old Ryan decided he wanted experience two common feelings that people living with dementia often feel: loneliness and being in the dark.

The Year 9 pupil, who has postural hypotension which makes his blood pressure drop and leaves him breathless, chose to sit inside the box, which he fitted with bedding, food and drink, for more than half a day and ended up raising more than £100 for the charity.

Ryan, who lives in Devizes, said: “It was actually harder than I thought.

“I couldn’t move that much and it got really hot after a while. I’m glad I completed the challenge though. I think it’s important to do things that help other people and be a role model for them.”

To donate visit https://www.alzheimerswiltshire.org.uk/fundraisers/13-hour-box