THE Lambrook stream is looking less wild and messy after Trowbridge councillors and residents hacked away at the overgrown foliage there on Sunday.

Cllr Thomas Bazan and six others met at the bridge in Brook Road to cut away at the dense bushes, weeds and nettles, in an effort to tackle the stream’s annual flooding problems.

Items such as two shopping trollies, two tyres, an armchair, a great deal of vegetation and bags of rubbish were removed from the spot, much to the delight of Cllr Bazan and his fellow volunteers.

“A lot of wood and branches were removed that were blocking the channel so that area of the Lambrook stream has been cleaned up really well and it seems to be flowing a lot better now,” he said.

“We worked over a stretch of 200m or so and it was quite surprising and disappointing to see the rubbish that is thrown down there. There was quite a lot of debris and trash there but I think it was a really successful and enjoyable few hours.

“I have to say though, Matt Callaway from the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust was a star. He waded into the water and was hugely helpful. He has done this stuff before so he led us really well. He is a good neighbour to have.

“In just one morning, the area is looking a more attractive place. I would like to do another one sometime in December and if we can get more people to come out that would be great.

“It is important to take pride in your town and efforts like this and at the River Biss in the town centre from a few weeks ago show that the town council are committed to do that.”

To get involved with the next clean-up session, email