OVER the last year Kingdown School in Warminster have made progress above the national average with their GCSE and A-level results achieved by key stage four and five students.

Despite the new grading system for English and maths GCSE’s which was put in place this year, the school’s results have remained above average in the school league tables.

Progress eight is now the key indicator of a school’s success, replacing the older five A*-C including English and maths measure. A progress eight score of zero is the national average, and schools with a positive progress eight score are shown to have made more progress with their students than the national average.

In 2017, year 11 students at Kingdown achieved a progress eight score of +0.16, indicating that the students at Kingdown School achieved 1.6 grades higher, on average, than their national counterparts from the subjects counted in the new performance tables.

Headteacher Dave Locke said: “These are a really strong set of results for our students. In 2017, there were new GCSEs for English and maths using the new nine to one grade measures.

“Despite the increase in the level of challenge posed by these new qualifications, both subject areas saw a significant improvement in the average grade scored by students. This really underlines the quality of teaching and learning enjoyed by students within the school”.

At key stage five, the school also secured a positive value added score, an indication that the good progress made at key stage four is carried over by these students to key stage five.

Mr Locke said: “For students to achieve a positive value added score at key stage five, on top of the extremely strong results achieved at key stage four, is indicative of the excellent work and support of our students, parents and staff.

“These results meant that all students from year 13 who wished to secure a place at university this September did so.

“We now wish them well in their future studies.”

Applications are currently being taken by Kingdown School for places in the sixth form for September 2018. External applications are welcomed, and applicants are encouraged to view the school website and arrange a visit to the school.