A RETIRED Westbury GP has given up his Christmas to fly to India for two weeks to help with a very special community project.

Mike Gumbley, who worked as a doctor at the White Horse Health Centre for 26 years, and his wife Caroline spent boxing day travelling to the Indian village of Dungri to help build a community centre.

The project, overseen by Doon School, an Indian all boys boarding school, aims to provide education and skill building opportunities to the young people of Dungri by holding classes in the new community centre.

It is hoped the centre will encourage young people to stay in the village, as many move out to find education or work.

Dr Gumbley said: "We have had our fair share of family Christmases, now our children are grown up we spent time with them last weekend and then they both went back to thier own homes and we did this.

"It feels great knowing we gong to be helping the community out there and making such a difference.

"The community centre should encourage the young people to stay in the village and enhance their education there.

"It's a great opportunity for us also as we will be learning building skills which is something that I don't have much experience in."

Mrs Gumbley said: "We were so excited to go, and not at all apprehensive.

"We are so pleased to be doing our but for the community in Dungri, and it really will be an adventure."

After the centre is built, Doon School will be maintaining and running the educational classes, and ensuring it's sustainability.