A CRACKDOWN on drug-taking and anti-social behaviour is likely to take place in Melksham.

The move follows talks between Wiltshire Police, Melksham town councillors and community engagement officials.

Residents and local councillors have become increasingly concerned about the escalating problem of anti-social behaviour, substance misuse and drug dealing going on in the town’s parks and children’s play areas.

Now town mayor, Cllr Adrienne Westbrook, has vowed to tackle the issue with support from the police and Wiltshire Council’s community engagement manager Rhys Schell.

She said: “Back in October, we actually saw a drug deal taking place during one of our clean-ups of the children’s play areas. It was absolutely obvious there were money and drugs changing hands.

“It is mainly packets of pills, alcohol, high-energy drinks and helium gas. There were no needles but there was all the other evidence of drugs there.

“A very small number of people are involved. They are disinterested in life and don’t care about their town or their environment.”

The town council discussed the anti-social behaviour issues last month following a number of incidents around the town, including vandalism, burglaries and thefts.

A number of community facilities have been targeted, including the Primrose Nature Walk, Wiltshire Youth Canoe Club and the Forest Community Centre.

Children’s play areas and the new King George V skate park have become hot spots for drug dealing, drug-taking and other kinds of substance misuse.

Wiltshire Police community co-ordinator, PC Lee Pelling, held talks with councillors to listen to their concerns and discuss what to do about the problem.

Councillors want Motiv8, a Swindon and Wiltshire Council service for young people who need help with substance misuse, to work with Melksham Oak Community School and local community groups while police target the locations involved.