Polic are investigating after a 16-year-old boy from Westbury was bitten by a Rottweiler in the street.

Matravers student David Daniels, of Campion Close, was left with a puncture mark and a suspected fracture to his elbow following the dog’s attack in Fell Road, which happened at about 8.30pm on Tuesday.

David, who was with his friend Jason Appleyard, said they came across a woman walking the Rottweiler.

He said: “They were crossing the road ahead of us when the dog turned around and pulled her with it.

“The dog came towards me. I am used to dogs bounding up to me as I have a labrador and two Jack Russells at home. It never crossed my mind that the dog would bite me.”

To David’s horror, the dog jumped up and sank its teeth into his right arm round the elbow.

“My first thought was to get the dog off me as I started to panic and I kicked the dog’s legs to move it away,” he said.

“I didn’t kick it hard because I didn’t want to hurt it, but before I could say anything, the woman said ‘he didn’t bite you, he just scratched you’.”

David, who was wearing a jacket, rushed home bleeding from the wound.

Mum Michaela Farmer, 35, said: “He came running upstairs and told me what had happened and I was so shocked to see his arm.

“We rushed him to Trowbridge Community Hospital where they cleaned and bandaged a cut and puncture mark that the dog had left and the hospital confirmed that it was a bite, not a scratch like the woman had said.”

The mother-of-six added: “I am so angry that the woman did not take responsibility for her dog’s actions and help my son, instead of walking away.”

Sergeant Dave Hobman, of Trowbridge police, said: “The incident is now being dealt with by Westbury neighbourhood policing team who will investigate the complaint of a dog not being under proper control.

“We have no information about the dog owner and would like anybody who knows about the incident or has information about the dog and owner to come forward.”

Call 0845 408 7000 if you have relevant information.