A grandmother from Westbury who starred in TV quiz show Deal or No Deal has splashed out some of her £20,000 winnings on family and new tyres for her car.

Widow Jean Brown, 76, of Westbury, took on the banker in the Channel 4 show that is hosted by Noel Edmonds in an episode screened on Monday.

Mrs Brown had filmed 26 episodes of the show before getting a chance to play her game, which was filmed over a two-week period in October at TV studios in Bristol.

At one point during the quiz, Mrs Brown was offered £14,000 by the banker, but gambled to keep the amount in the box she had chosen at the start, which turned out to be £20,000.

She said: “I had a wonderful time and I have made some really good friends.

“There were 22 of us and we stayed in this wonderful four-star hotel in Bristol near where the programme is filmed and really stuck together every day after filming.

“It was my son Michael who put me forward for the show because he knows how much I like it and always watch it.

“After they contacted me, I had to go for auditions last March and the filming took place last October over two weeks, but was only just aired.

“We had to take over 20 blouses with us so we looked different for each show. Filming took place every day after we were picked up in a coach from the hotel and taken to a big building, which is somewhere near Bristol Temple Meads station.”

Mrs Brown’s husband Gerry died in 1992, but she has a big family with sons Michael, 58, Stephen, 56, and Andrew, 48, and four grandchildren, all aged between 19 and 21.

She said she was paid her winnings just before Christmas, which meant she was able to give her grandchildren some extra money as well as buy two new tyres for her Ford Fiesta.

“I have made such good friends with the people I filmed with, I have spoken to several of them since and I will be keeping in touch with them all,” she said.

“Every night after filming we rearranged the bar and all sat together – the barman actually said he had not seen a group stay as close as us.”

Mrs Brown said she really enjoyed meeting host Noel Edmonds and would happily take part in a TV show again in the future.