A chance for former pupils and teachers to visit George Ward School in Melksham before the gates close for the last time is on offer this summer.

The George Ward School Association is in the middle of planning the details of the farewell party and ball, which is to include a final assembly and possibly final tastes of food from the school canteen.

Liz Dimond, who works in the school’s finance office and is a member of the association, said the event is on July 3, at the end of the final term at the Shurnhold campus.

Staff and pupils move into the multi-million pound purpose-built Melksham Oak Community School in Woolmore Farm, Bowerhill, for the start of the new school year in September. The association, which has five members, is now appealing for people to contribute memories and photographs of their time at George Ward as part of the event.

Ms Dimond said: “Hopefully we are going to be splitting the school into different eras, from when it was built in the 1950s to now and any memorabilia people have from these years will be put on display.

“It could be uniforms, photos, anything people want to show. There’s also going to be a sporting heroes section and a bouncy castle for children.

“It’s a last chance for people to have a look around the school and we are inviting former staff and pupils.

“It’s an open invitation, not just to people who went to the school but also people from the area.”

The event will include a final assembly, which the association is hoping will be taken by past headteachers, as well as the possibility of the kitchen serving food from each decade it has been running.

Mrs Dimond said: “We did think about having a graffiti wall, but we can’t deface the property, so we have come up with other ideas, like maybe having sticky notes or books for each era, so people can sign them and leave their details for other people from their year to get in touch.

“We have got a few photos from people already and are looking for people to come forward and help.

“We don’t really need any more ideas at the moment, but are looking for anyone that can help with the event on the day.”

People are invited to come along to the next association meeting about the event, on March 15 from 7-9pm at the school.

Anyone with memorabilia they want to submit can email goodbye@georgeward.wilts.sch.uk.

They can also check the school website at www.georgeward.wilts.sch.uk/gws/goodbye-george-ward for regular updates on the end-of-term festivities.