A CONCERT is being staged in Bradford on Avon next month to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration.

The declaration on November 2 1917 led years later to the creation of the State of Israel after the Second World War.

It also unleashed one of the most long-running and bitter conflicts of modern times as the Palestinians’ battle to reclaim their lost homeland.

'Longing, Belonging and Balfour' will be performed by the Chai For All Ensemble and features music, songs and storytelling.

It takes place on Friday, September 15 at 7.30pm at St Margaret’s Hall in Bradford on Avon and is the third of eight concerts in the UK.

It will feature an exciting mix of Klezmer (Israeli), Arab folk and classical music performed by the eight-piece ensemble which is based in Bristol.

The concert provides a way to learn about the history of the Balfour Declaration in an innovative and non-partisan way.

It has been organised by the Bradford on Avon Friends of Palestine. Further details are available on the group’s website, www.boafop.org.

Judith Hammond, of the BoAFOP, said: “It’s a great coup to have it performed locally.

“Whenever we have really big events they always sell out so people should be encouraged to get their tickets early to avoid disappointment.”

Tickets at £10 each are available from the Ex Libris book shop in The Shamble, Bradford on Avon, or on Eventbrite.