TOWN councillors in Bradford on Avon are considering whether to support plans to stage another English Civil War re-enactment event in three years’ time.

The London-based English Civil War Society wants to come back in 2020 to re-enact the famous Battle of the Bradford on Avon in 1643.

Alistair North, of the English Civil War Society, addressed a full town council meeting on Monday after being invited to lay out their plans.

Mr North pledged to make the next event in 2020 “bigger and better” than the last event in the summer of 2016.

At the free event, held on July 30 and 31 last year, spectators were able to see the Bradford on Avon town bridge seized by Royalist cavalry as they drove off Roundhead sentries.

Visitors were able to tour a large ‘Living History’ village around the Tithe Barn populated by 17th century townsfolk, traders, and craftsmen. There were displays of drill by regiments of foot and by artillery throughout the day.

There was a major battle each afternoon as the Roundhead General, Sir William Waller, launched ambushes in an attempt to defeat his Royalist rival, Sir Ralph Hopton, who eventually won the day.

More than 400 cavalry, artillery, musketeers, and pikemen fought skirmishes on Poulton Fields in a dramatic climax to each day of the event.

This time, Mr North said they hoped to include the Tithe Barn in their camp, and set up artillery in the Bullpit close to the town bridge. They also want to stage ‘Journey of a Soldier’ displays and demonstrations in Lambs Yard.

“There are some extra things that we would like to include and make the event extra special if we can,” he told councillors.

But councillors are anxious not to incur a heavy burden for supporting the event, which last time cost more than £25,000 to stage.

Town mayor, Cllr David Garwood, said: “This is not a cheap exercise. We’re going to have to think seriously about the money and how much it will cost.”

The council will set up a working group to take the project forward, and will talk to the local business community to see how much can be raised to help fund it.

Last time, the battle re-enactment event failed to produce a much-needed boost to trade for the town’s businesses.