A BRADFORD on Avon woman says she is so desperate to stop drivers parking outside her home she is ‘close to taking matters into her own hands’.

Ann Seward is furious over drivers parking outside her 17th century home on Coppice Hill and blocking her light, as well as obscuring the view from her front windows, which are below ground level.

Miss Seward told the town’s full council meeting on September 11 that she was ready to take matters into her own hands if a solution was not found.

“The only view I can see from my home is the undercarriage of vehicles,” she said. “I am getting fed up of not being able to see out of my window.”

Miss Seward, who has lived on Coppice Hill for the past 46 years, said traffic going up and down the narrow road was affecting her quality of life.

She had recently counted 28 cars parked and only three allocated spaces available. Drivers are parking on double yellow lines and on the pavement.

The parking issue is also causing problems for drivers who want to turn round at the top of the hill at the top but find they can’t.

“They can’t turn around. They can’t do anything. An ambulance driver had to ask a car owner to move his vehicle because he couldn’t turn and got stuck,” Miss Seward told the meeting.

“Fortunately, the car owner was at home. If he had been away on holiday, the ambulance driver would have been stuck.

“Why should we have to put up with this? Why should other residents have to put up with this? she told councillors.

“If nothing happens, I will be taking matters into my own hands next time.”

At the meeting Cllr David Garwood said “We will take your comments on board and will move things along as best we can.”

After Tuesday’s highways and transport committee meeting, Cllr Mike Roberts said: “I have been up to Coppice Hill and have spoken to residents. Her home is unique in having fairly low windows. After consulting with the council, we will arrange a meeting with Wiltshire Council’s parking services team as this is affecting people in places across the town.”

Miss Seward added: “I am pleased the town council will look into this as it is chaos at times along the road with people parking illegally. Hopefully something positive will come out of it.”