Senior officers from the Royal School of Artillery visited Wiltshire College Chippenham to see the work being done by students for the Armed Forces to support the use of serious games to enhance education and training.

The officers, who are based at Larkhill, met principal Di Dale and computing lecturer Bob Willcox, as well as other staff and students, to learn more about some of the work that has already been developed and discuss plans for the future.

They then enjoyed a tour of the campus where they met IT and Public Services students who were using a multi-purpose simulator which tests concept designs produced by students, which can then be used by the Army to improve leadership skills.

They also saw the progress games development students are making with the production of a map, terrain and models of Sennybridge training camp in the Brecon’s for Sandhurst, using a simulation programme called Virtual Battlespace 2.

Bob Willcox, who has been instrumental in setting up the collaboration, said: “We were able to demonstrate the cross curricular nature of the simulation work we have been doing here at the college. The Army has provided the equipment, software and expertise; it is an excellent example of what can be achieved when learners are given real problems to solve.”

Major Mark Thurley, from the Royal School Artillery, said: “It was great to see the students benefitting from the interaction with hardware and software and to know that the Army is able to help with their learning.

“The British Army and especially the Royal School of Artillery look forward to continuing our relationship with Wilt-shire College.”