Bipolar disorder sufferer Helen Robinson, whose body was found on a railway track near Chippenham, drove there to take her own life.

Nine inquest jury members heard that Ms Robinson, of Devonshire Place in Melk-sham, had discharged herself from the Green Lane Hospital, Devizes, two days before her death in Langley Burrell on March 7 last year.

Her former partner Chris Smart, of Church Lane, Melksham, reported her missing at 8pm, on visiting her home.

Her body was seen by the driver of a passing train less than an hour later.

Mr Smart, the managing director of a legal services company, met Ms Robinson when she was working for the firm in 1986. They lived together after she divorced her husband Ken.

He continued a caring role after they split and had visited her in the hospital with her sister and brother-in -law, Margaret and John Carey.

The hearing heard how Ms Robinson had attempted a suicide a number of times, the latest bid leading to her admission to the hospital on January 13, 2012.

On March 5 she decided to leave – against the advice of Mr Smart and the Careys – and refused her medication. An assessment by consultant psychiatrist Dr Selvarajah, concluded she had the mental capacity to make the decision and she was referred to the North Wiltshire Crisis Team.

He said: “She was agitated and anxious, but we did an assessment and there were no indications of self-harm. I asked if she felt suicidal and she said no. We said we cannot keep her against her wish.”

Mr Smart said: “I felt that if she came out she would probably kill herself, given her history, but the decision was made.”

John Wilson, British Transport Police’s liaison officer, said the railway had bolted fencing, but a determined person could climb over.

The jury, told Ms Robinson died from multiple injuries, decided she took her own life.