Plans to expand Corsham Cellars with a warehouse above the ground have been opposed by Corsham Town Council.

The council listened to villagers in Gastard, who met last month to discuss concerns over the expansion and its effects on them.

About 70 people attended the meeting in the Village Hall, all opposed to a proposed 6,000 square metre warehouse being built.

Ian Thompson chaired the meeting and argued that the warehouse was surrounded by unspoilt countryside and farmland and would create access problems.

He also stated that the size of the building and its shiny roof, to reflect the sun, meant the structure would be seen for miles around and would spoil views.

Residents also raised concerns about noise pollution, floodlighting and the risk to wildlife.

Mr Thompson said: “It is totally inappropriate. It is an industrial business and should be on a trading estate.”

Corsham Cellars already has vaults 100ft under the ground, for preserving wine, but is now looking to expand above the ground.

The decision now lies with Wiltshire Council.