The fifth annual Sci Fi family fun day will soon be beaming down to Corsham, as the first of a host of intergalactic names are announced.

Already confirmed for the April 27 event at Corsham Community Centre is sculptor and set designer Brian Muir, who as well as working on a host of James Bond and Indiana Jones films designed

Darth Vader’s iconic helmet. Joining him will be star of CBBC’s Sarah Jane Adventures Anjli Mohindra, who played Rani Chandra in the Doctor Who spinoff, and Brian Wheeler, who played an Ewok in Return of the Jedi.

Corsham Sci Fi regular Mike Collins will also be making his return to the town. The Doctor Who storyboard artist and cartoonist has attended the last two fun days, and will be providing sketches and artworks throughout the day.

Chairman of the Corsham Sci-Fi group Adrian Davies said: “We’ve got some great names coming along this year, and we’ll be announcing more soon.

“People think sci-fi conventions are just for geeks, but that’s not what we’re about at all- until a couple of years ago I couldn’t even tell you who played Han Solo. We just hope to have a good time for all the family, and raise money for some fantastic causes.”

Corsham Sci Fi is a charity group which uses its collection of alien characters to raise funds for local causes.

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