GRIEVING daughter Chris-tine Faulkenerhas been left distraught after thieves took every flower left on her mother’s grave.

Mrs Faulkener, 60, of Chippenham, buried her mother on Friday, leaving several floral wreaths at her grave at Ladbrook Lane Cemetery, Corsham.

When her sister Mary returned to the grave on Saturday morning to take photographs for her mother’s great grandchildren, who were unable to attend the funeral, she was shocked to discover the heads had been removed from every flower.

Mrs Faulkner said: “The flowers had been cut right off, every single one of them was missing.

“I searched the grave and the whole cemetery, in compost bins, even right down the lane, but I couldn’t find them anywhere. If it was just vandals they would have left them on the grave, but someone’s removed them.

“I’m doing everything I can in my power to find as much relief for me and my family as I can. I know there is no hope, I just think it’s evil what they’ve done.”

Mrs Faulkner’s mother, Joan Hemmings, died on January 17, aged 83. She lived in Lacock, before moving to Corsham. She said: “She was well-liked, she worked for St John’s Ambulance, and wouldn’t do any harm to anyone. The cemetery has been really helpful, they couldn’t believe it when we told them.”

Mrs Faulkner is hoping anyone who was in the area between 3pm on Friday and 11am on Saturday may have seen something to help identify the culprit. She said: “I know there was a couple there walking at the same time, and another man nearby. I can’t get it out of my head, I just keep wondering who it could be.”

Ladbrook Cemetery is operated by Corsham Town Council. Peter Biggins, deputy town clerk and council burial officer, said: “I would like to offer my sympathy to Mrs Faulkner and her family for the distress that this incident has caused at such a sensitive and difficult time.

“I understand the police are aware of the incident and I hope that the person responsible for this callous and thoughtless act is apprehended promptly.

“This is the first instance that I am aware of floral tributes being stolen from the cemetery, which is located in a peaceful rural location and is not suitable for coverage by CCTV.”