RECOVERING anorexic Nicola Adams, who got over her eating disorder through her own recipes, is now publishing a self-help cookbook on how to overcome it.

Miss Adams, 19, of Box, two years ago weighed six stone and can remember calling her mum home from work who found her crying helplessly over a plate of crackers she could not eat.

Now at a healthy weight and with her own online business Miss Adams has published her own cookbook, Super Sweet Recovery Cookbook, through a Bath self-publishing company, to help those who are suffering from the illness.

Miss Davis said: “The making of the recipes was good as it forced me to do something practical. I would use it and use the recipes that I made and it pushed me to recover.

"I did not put in the calorie count as it is a behaviour associated with anorexia so we are trying to get people away from that type of habit.

“I just want it to be a resource for people to recover from as there was nothing there for me."

The book’s recipes are laid-out in three stages with the first containing a low calorie dish such as plain tagliatelle pasta and vegetables followed by later stages which grow in size as ingredients like sauces or bacon are added.

Miss Davis had to raise £1,700 through a crowdfunding website to publish the book and will donate ten per cent of the profits to eating disorder charity Beat.

She added: “Sometimes it helps to have something in front of you from someone who has been through the same things and not someone in the medical profession.

“It took about six months to write because it was 100 per cent done by me and on top of my own job it was very difficult.

“It is a relaxed book and a casual book, written by someone people going through anorexia can relate to.

“I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who donated. I could not believe how many people helped me out.”

Her book, released on this week, costs £16 and can be purchased from her website and other local book shops.