THE Corsham Town number 10 bus has been saved after Faresaver Buses negotiated to keep the service going: but only on weekdays.

The service, which was going to be stopped from April 24 as current operator First Bus said it was uneconomic, will continue running after Faresaver reached an agreement with Wiltshire Council.

However Faresaver buses will only run from Monday to Friday from 7am to 6pm and will not be in operation at the weekend, because the firm is short of drivers.

Faresaver co-owner Justin Pickford said: “We have been working flat out to get this done but it is all ready to go now. Corsham was the first commercial bus operation back in 1986 so It is like we are returning home somewhat.

“At the moment it is unlikely we can cover weekends as there is a driver shortage. We are at full capacity.

“Wiltshire Council have spoken to other independent operators and right now nobody has shown an interest in taking it on during the weekend. I think this is a county wide problem and unfortunately a real stumbling block.”

The weekday timetable will provide an hourly service between 7am to 6pm around the current Corsham Town route with extra direct trips to Chippenham via Chippenham Hospital from 10amto 3pm.

This will give Corsham people with a direct link to Chippenham’s Sainsbury’s, Community Hospital and town centre without having to change buses.

Corsham Town Council chief executive David Martin praised Faresaver Buses for keeping the service going but was hopeful that it will start on weekends again soon.

“It is great news. We are really pleased that they have done this. They have put a huge amount of work in to keep this vital service going,” he said.

“We appreciate there is a limit for what they can provide and what is cost effective. Hopefully they can continue to negotiate with the Wiltshire Council to reinstate the running of the weekend services as that is essential to the town too.

“The town council and others have stressed the importance of the service to these parties and we hope to see a fully comprehensive bus service back up and running."

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