Midwife Sally Carr has delivered her last baby after 24 years of bringing new life into the world.

Mrs Carr, of Kingfisher Drive, Bowerhill, worked as a community midwife for 10 years before moving to the Trowbridge Maternity Unit, still covering the Melksham area.

Mrs Carr said: “I remember my first home delivery, I was a bit paranoid and I got the ambulance out, but everything was all right in the end.

“I started in Melksham in October 1988. I was very much a hospital midwife, I was used to having the doctors there. It took me a few months to calm down and listen to the mothers.

“It’s so nice to see all the babies grow up and develop. That’s what I like, being part of the community.”

Colleagues, family and some of the children she had delivered came to celebrate her career at the Canberra Children’s Centre on Wednesday. Nicola Mack, of Park Road, Melksham, said: “Sally delivered my first two, and I was surprised when I had my third she was going to be my midwife again.

“As soon as she walked into the room I knew it would be all right, it was a familiar face, which was lovely. We are all very lucky to have had her.”

Beryl Orchard, matron at the Trowbridge Birthing Centre, said: “Sally was an excellent role model and showed me the ropes.

“She was really helpful and would always go the extra mile for people. She will be sadly missed.”

Mrs Carr is planning to jet off to the Mediterranean with husband Chris, who retires from his job as a contracts manager at Bath University in May, for a cruise, and has several other trips planned for her retirement, including a caravan tour of Greece.