Trowbridge Town Football Club is disgusted that vandals have once again targeted them destroying much of a £20,000 wire fence at their Woodmarsh ground.

The incident, which is believed to have happened in the early hours of Thursday, December 13, is currently being investigated by Wiltshire Police.

The fence, which was erected around five months ago, has been cut in 40 different places and many of the locks at the site, including the one which accesses the car park have been glued.

Chairman Ralph McCaldon said: “It is just disgusting that someone could do this."

The attack came just days after Wiltshire Council put up signs that a footpath across the ground, from the Styles to Axe and Cleaver Lane would be closing and it is estimated that the damage will cost between £12,000 and £14,000 to repair.

Mr McCaldon said: “It is a hell of a lot of money, which frankly we do not have, we are looking into setting up an online fundraising page and we want to really publicise our last game of the season in a few months time to raise funds.

“It is a pity as we in are discussions to put a play area in the grounds for the local children but we just can’t afford to do that now.”

The football club has two adult teams and they also have 428 children who play for their junior sides.

This vandalism is the latest in the series of incidents at the ground which have included the pitch being sprayed with weed killer, entrance gates being torn down, electrical cables stolen and dog muck regularly thrown at windows.

All events and matches at the ground have been cancelled since the incident and a team of volunteers will be heading to Woodmarsh to make the ground safe for its players and spectators on Saturday, December 29.

Any witnesses can call Wiltshire Police on 101.